Case Study: Content Moderation

The content moderation solution market is experiencing fast-paced growth, with an expected valuation of nearly $12B USD by 2027. High demand for digital content paired with unprecedented growth in online content upload volumes has contributed to the rise of the industry over the past few years. We partner with an online social media and community networking platform, providing content moderation ... Read More

Case Study: Investing in a Digital Strategy

Our investment into emerging technologies and development of our own proprietary tools are examples of our commitment to setting the pace in our industry, and rethinking traditional processes.  We focus on building tools that empower our people and make it easier for them to do an amazing job. We partner smart technology with our team members to maximize the potential ... Read More

Case Study: Winning on Performance

All roads lead back to performance. Every step in our process is an intentional investment toward advancing our ability to raise the bar and deliver differentiated performance results. In our partnership with leading technology brands, we win on performance by focusing on training for extensive product knowledge, hiring top talent, and creating opportunities for our teams to continuously improve.  We ... Read More

Case Study: Driving a Culture of Innovation

Culture is our foundation and is a key factor for building long-term, successful partnerships. Our history of partnering with industry leaders and highly disruptive brands continues to inspire our own culture of innovation.  We measure ourselves based on the success of our partners, and believe in transparency and sharing of best practices that contribute toward the health of the entire ... Read More

Case Study: Customer Service in the E-learning Industry

Some of the largest E-learning brands in the world partner with us because of our ability to not only provide exceptional service, but also deliver insights and recommendations for the overall success of the brand.  For the past five years, we have partnered with an online learning platform that offers online courses, specializations, and degrees. The program has grown from ... Read More

Customer Effort Score: A Key Metric for Your Digital Customers

Prioritizing metrics that matter most to your brand should not only be based on company culture and operational style, but also on today’s digital customers. As consumers change how they live, work, and purchase, brands’ customer service metrics need to adjust accordingly.  Customer Effort Score Customer Effort Score (CES) is a critical metric, and has been increasingly growing in popularity ... Read More

Put The “Custom” In Customer Service: Enhance & Share

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the importance of customization when it comes to communicating with client partners and recruiting and hiring for dedicated programs. To dive deeper into customization capabilities, we’ve outlined the final two stages: training and reporting. ENHANCE THROUGH TRAINING We care about our brands, and want to provide the highest quality customer service possible ... Read More

Put The “Custom” In Customer Service: Connect & Select

When we think of a customer, we often think of the purchaser or end user of a product or service. However, In the contact center world, there is another important customer group to consider: the brands we work with! Partnering with a contact center is a big commitment, with a lot of trust involved. So, how can a contact center ... Read More

Thought Paper: Put The “Custom” In Customer Service

No matter how you try to spin it, customer service is NOT one size fits all. Every brand is different and has customers with unique needs and concerns. Creating a customized customer service solution for client partners results in improved client satisfaction. We’ve broken down a customization strategy into four key phases : Connect through communication Select through hiring Enhance ... Read More

Case Study: How We Win At Ramp

With customer service ramp season in full swing, it’s important to think about how to not only survive, but to thrive during your busiest time of the year. Some of the world’s most innovative brands choose us because of our ability to stay flexible during the busiest seasons. We pride ourselves on keeping our cool during unplanned volume spikes, such ... Read More