Acceleration of Digital Transformation

The Covid-19 global pandemic has accelerated the adoption and execution of digital transformation solutions across the globe.  In early 2020 when the pandemic initially hit, brick and mortar retailers had to quickly shift to optimize their online presence, and companies worldwide had to think innovatively to survive in such a trying time.  How Did Companies Respond? Companies responded by introducing ... Read More

Case Study: Content Moderation

The content moderation solution market is experiencing fast-paced growth, with an expected valuation of nearly $12B USD by 2027. High demand for digital content paired with unprecedented growth in online content upload volumes has contributed to the rise of the industry over the past few years. We partner with an online social media and community networking platform, providing content moderation ... Read More

Case Study: Investing in a Digital Strategy

Our investment into emerging technologies and development of our own proprietary tools are examples of our commitment to setting the pace in our industry, and rethinking traditional processes.  We focus on building tools that empower our people and make it easier for them to do an amazing job. We partner smart technology with our team members to maximize the potential ... Read More

Data Annotation for Enhancing the Customer Experience

In today’s digital world, there’s a lot of chatter around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models creating a more seamless user experience and data-driven decision making. Data Annotation takes Machine Learning models to the next level by increasing quality, accuracy, and speed throughout the entire process. Data Annotation is changing the way consumers interact with brands, resulting in an improved ... Read More