Winning with Employee Experience in the Contact Center Industry

Challenges faced in 2020 by organizations across the globe reinforced the importance of strong core capabilities and investment in people and technology. After more than a full year of BPOs operating contact centers in a 100% virtual environment, there have been some key learnings and takeaways that will continue to impact the customer care industry for years to come.  Employee ... Read More

Mesa Grand Opening: Investing In Our Campuses

Investing in our campus spaces is about so much more than just fun furniture and colourful walls (although we’re definitely not complaining about these). We love the look of our unique campuses, but most importantly, we love the impact our spaces can have on our team members. We take a lot of pride in fostering a positive work environment where ... Read More

Excel at Employee Engagement

Keeping employees happy and motivated can be a challenge in any workplace, and contact centers are no exception. Some people think that employee engagement is too “fluffy” to be a top priority, but many studies show that happy employees are the most productive employees. Most commonly, money is allocated towards incentives to help drive performance, achieving short-term wins among team ... Read More

3 Ways To Fuel Your Team With Happiness

Many people believe that if they work hard, they’ll be successful, and that success will lead to happiness. But according to a decade of research, this formula is scientifically backwards.Studies show that training your brain to be positive at work actually fuels greater success. In fact, 75% of job success isn’t based on intelligence at all. Instead, it’s based on ... Read More

Do You Have a BFF at Work?

You may be 100% convinced that you’ll love working in your current career for the rest of your life, but two years after taking the job you may decide that it’s not for you. So how do you get out of the cycle of working two years somewhere and jumping ship to somewhere else? Find an organization where you love ... Read More