The Benefits of Blendshoring

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Expanding customer care programs near and offshore can be a game changer for brands. But there are questions that remain around how to keep your quality of service and engagement consistent across the globe.

Below we’ve highlighted three ways that companies have successfully blended their programs to help scale fast while maintaining profitability.

We’re Hiring!

Your hiring profile can be vastly different in offshore vs onshore locations. But this isn’t a bad thing at all – it’s actually a great thing! Many Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) in countries like the Philippines are on long term career paths and have more years of experience compared to CSRs residing in North America. Formal education from universities and colleges are also offered in the BPO space, providing industry knowledge and enhanced language capabilities.

In their most recent blendshoring expansion into the Philippines, a disruptor in the hospitality industry found an unexpected challenge within their first three months that was unique to their program. The CSRs were so accustomed to working off of a formal script, that they were uncomfortable working without one while providing a genuine interaction with the customer. However, after some specific coaching, the CSRs on this program began to prefer the genuine interaction style and excelled faster than their captive and nearshore sites.

Can You Repeat That Please?

One of the great things about blendshoring is the ability to define and track best practices in a new market and replicate them back home in your nearshore centers. The same hospitality disruptor piloted several new processes and quality metrics in the Philippines and rolled them out to their new center in Canada. In a very short amount of time, they noticed the same benefits replicated onshore.

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One aspect to note with metrics in offshore locations, particularly in NPS scores, is differences are normally noticed immediately. Back to our hospitality disruptor again. In the Philippines, they learned that time frames were set on how long it takes to close with the customer, which was different from North America. They also had to measure a time frame for a customer callback, which wasn’t something they had to train their CSRs on their nearshore programs to do.

The Price is Right

If you are a fast growing brand that needs to scale your customer care program quickly and profitably, blendshoring is a perfect fit. As most in the industry are aware, the price point is typically lower in offshore locations. This, paired with high quality and performance, allows brands to continue offering a diversified North American program while continuing to scale for rapid growth offshore.

Although blendshoring might not be for everyone, there are many advantages for those who do choose this option. Introducing this strategy to your customer care program helps to achieve quality standards, profitability and successful global growth.

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