The Future of Work

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The Future of Work

In many industries and countries, the most in-demand occupations weren’t around 10 or even five years ago. In fact, 65% of primary school children will end up working in completely new jobs types that don’t even exist yet.

With this in mind, take a moment to envision your workplace now and what it could look like in the future. Think about the following departments or facets that are a huge part of your contact center center operations and beyond:

  • Recruiting
  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development
  • Matrix Teams
  • Operations
  • Workforce & RTA
  • Quality Assurance
  • Remote Workers

What will these roles look like in the future? How will your organization need to support these changing roles? What will need to be different in your environment for them to be successful?

We sat down with some of most influential brands in the world to discuss exactly this. Below are some ideas they came up with to ensure their teams and organizations are prepared for the future of work.

Learn how to motivate and lead your teams differently. Today, people want choices in how they learn and absorb information. No two people are motivated by the same thing. This is also true as our workplaces continue to be even more automated and move further into the digital landscape. Training and development will continue to be self-paced, and leveraging new self-guided learning techniques can put the accessibility of new development modules into the hands of our teams.

It’s vital that departments such as HR, Recruiting, and Learning and Development continue to use data to profile future candidates. Investing in Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) helps to drive insights in areas you probably haven’t been able to measure before. These systems also help obtain more targeted Customer Service Representative profiles in the future through impact from accurate diagnosis and inputs on our teams.

Technology is already changing the contact center landscape by empowering companies to allow team members to work from home. Although this shift in operations has already started, it continues to remain a risk. Even though our environments will use technology tools and platforms, we won’t be 100% digital, as customers continue to want human interactions through voice channels. Contrary to some initial thoughts, improved technology will actually allow team members to be more human and value the human touch by focusing on behavior, rather than systems & process. Technology can “prescreen” and gather information smartly at the beginning of an interaction, saving time on manual work and improving the customer experience.

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The only thing constant in life is change. That’s why all of us, leaders included, need to strengthen our current skills when it comes to engaging with others: leading, reasoning, interpreting, applying judgment, being creative, and focusing on the human touch will only enhance our abilities to succeed in the future.

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