“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan

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“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan

It continues to amaze me how this notion still holds true in today’s age of ‘social’. Conceptualized and written in the 1960’s, McLuhan truly captured the essence of how technology impacts the way messages are communicated and received.

Engines such as Twitter and Facebook are dictating the way we communicate. Less words, more impact. Through these social media outlets, our voices are broadcasted and amplified tenfold.

Now if the medium is the message, what can customer service professionals do to control the communication? It’s difficult to really control the communication, but to me there’s a few simple actions that come to mind:

1) Actively listen. What’s being said? Who’s saying it? What’s the context? Etc.

2) Communicate in the same language. Join the dialogue and communicate to your customers in the same fashion that they have. Remember, your dialogue may be public so even though you’re directing your message at certain individuals, many are following along and listening in the background.

3) Leverage the medium. This one is vague and possibly obvious to many. That said, I think it’s a little more complicated then it seems. In short, I believe in effectively leveraging the medium. Understand what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and choose the medium that best reflects the impact you want to make.

4) Be consistent. The last one to me is important. Be consistent with your message and the mediums/channels you choose to communicate in. Consistency builds your persona, credibility, and rapport with your broad audience – whether they’re communicating back or just listening.

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