The Power of Employee Engagement: How To Win At Ramp

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The Power of Employee Engagement: How To Win At Ramp

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the importance of employee engagement when it comes to retaining your all star employees. However, the ripple effect of employee engagement goes further than retention. Engaged employees are also more likely to participate in referral programs, which helps recruiting teams deliver high quality candidates, especially during ramp season.


When it comes to recruiting, referrals are a huge part of the process. After all, who better to tell people about the job than those who are currently in the role? The key to creating a successful referral program is to begin by targeting engaged employees. These are the employees who will become advocates for the referral program, and will help other employees feel excited about it. Referral programs need some form of incentive to motivate employees to participate. Finally, it’s important to make referrals part of the company culture. The idea of referring your friends to come work with you should be communicated in an exciting way to current employees so that it becomes ingrained in the culture. After all, employees who have friends at work are more likely to have higher retention. 


Referral Rewards to the Rescue 

To assist with agent recruitment, we have developed a Referral Rewards program that allows every agent to recruit within their own network. The program is centralized through our employee communications app, where agents can send referral codes via text messages with a link to an application form to their friends or family. The key is to incentivize the referral program to ensure all employees takes advantage of this opportunity. With our program, team members can earn money from each successful referral they make. They can track the status of each referral they have sent within the app, and earn money if their referees are hired and stay with the company for six months. Agents are able to earn a significant side income through the referral rewards program, and best of all, they get to work with their friends. Currently, over 10% of our employee hires come from referrals, and that number will continue to climb as our referral program grows. 


With the increasing number of customer service interactions, as well as specific interaction types (chat, text, messenger, call email, etc.), many companies feel the need to grow their customer care team. This may mean there is a need for a large hiring spree. An influx in hiring could be planned or unplanned, and it’s important to know just how to hire for this large ramp. 


Hiring for Culture Fit 

When it comes to hiring, it’s important to hire for the right culture fit. This can become more difficult during ramp, given the massive volume of hiring required, but there is a way. Leveraging referrals during ramp season is the key to success. As engaged employees continue to refer friends, their incentives increase, making them more inclined to contribute more referrals. These referrals will be evaluated like any other candidate but there is a greater likelihood that they will exemplify some of the same all star values as their referee. Culture fit should never be sacrificed, and with the help of referrals, it doesn’t have to be! Whether it’s an increase in full-time employees or a seasonal ramp to onboard temporary employees, referrals will help get the job done faster and more effectively. 


Employee engagement is more than just dress up days, fun games at work, and a team that’s satisfied in their roles. Employee engagement is finding ways to connect with employees in a way that gives them motivation and feelings of support. It’s giving team members a voice, valuing their opinion, and making them feel important in the workplace. Employee engagement is a company culture that’s both challenging and meaningful, where employees feel at home working alongside friends. When a company can achieve true employee engagement, the positive ripple effect is unlimited. 


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