The Power of Employee Engagement: Retaining Your All Stars

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The Power of Employee Engagement: Retaining Your All Stars

With ramp season in full swing, recruitment is at the top of the priority list. But what can be done to make the recruiting process quicker, more efficient, and more effective? Believe it or not, workplace culture can actually lower the workload for recruiting teams come ramp season. Here’s why:

Never Underestimate the Power of Culture 

An inclusive, dynamic workplace creates better employee engagement. When employees are immersed in a company culture and feel motivated with the work they are doing, they are more likely to deliver higher quality customer service. With higher quality service comes greater productivity and efficiency, and ultimately a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. But what does this have anything to do with a successful ramp season? 


Engagement = Retention = Referrals 

Engaged employees are most likely to have higher retention rates than disengaged ones. When these engaged employees stay with a company for longer periods of time, they feel a greater connection to the company and its people, which makes them strong advocates to refer others to apply. An influx of referrals means a wider applicant pool, with a greater likelihood of these applicants being just as engaged as their friends who referred them. As a result, recruiting and hiring for ramp becomes both easier and more effective.  

This ripple effect of activities really begins with getting employees engaged, but how can this be achieved? 


At our recent thought leadership discussion at Consero, we focused on the topic of employee engagement. At the forefront of this discussion was the idea of career pathing. Employees feel appreciated when they can see what their career path could look like within a company, and are much more motivated and engaged as a result.

Finding the Right Path

Ensuring all of our team members know they have career path opportunities is part of how we win. We have developed the Pathfinder and MyPath programs for our team members to leverage, which ultimately lay out career path opportunities for our team members. This is our approach to career development and allows us to invest in the next generation of leadership. With leadership training programs all centralized in one online hub, our team members are set up for success, wherever their path takes them. Our internal acquisition team also helps with this process, by assisting current employees to progress towards leadership roles. 

Communication is Key 

Employee engagement also stems from quality communication. Whether this is round table discussions, online portals, or anything in between, communication, both top-down and bottom-up, is crucial to the success of a company. Effective communication results in complete alignment throughout a company and throughout a team. When employees know their purpose and are provided with the “why” behind their tasks, they can see the impact their work has on the company, which motivates them to be more engaged workers. It’s imperative to make sure everyone on the team has their voice heard and feels valued. 


Did You Know: Over 90% of employees say they’d stay in a job longer if they felt that the company truly invested in their career? 

The learning and development opportunities discussed above are crucial to employee retention. When career planning is part of a workplace culture, employees can see themselves working at that company for longer. 

Happiness Leads to Engagement

When employees feel like they are part of the team and can share their opinions openly without judgement, they will be happier in their role. Although happiness does not equate engagement, the two do go hand in hand. A happier employee is much more likely to engage in the work that they do because they can see the positive impact their work will have. 

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