Using VOC to Create the Ideal Online Experience

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Using VOC to Create the Ideal Online Experience

Digital communication is changing consumer spending habits and online behavior. Leveraging the Voice of the Customer in these channels is the best way to ensure that you have a consistent and efficient engagement strategy. The increased interactions from a multichannel communication strategy will fuel your data, analysis and decision making.

Consumers are becoming more opinionated when it comes to their online expectations, and they’re quick to abandon your website if their experience is not up to par. Providing digital channels to the right customer, at the right time, also means giving your customers the luxury of communicating with your brand in their preferred medium.

By leveraging insights from technology and VOC information gathered from calls, chats, e-mails, etc., you can get to know your customers, their motivations, and desires. A survey from Cone Communications states the top three things consumers want to get out of an interaction with a brand is to be offered incentives (77%), to have their problems solved/customer service (46%), and to be asked for feedback (39%). The thing consumers wanted least from a brand interaction is to be marketed to (21%). So not only do you want to get to know your customers, but you want to engage with them and develop a long-lasting relationship.

LivePerson, the industry leader in live chat technology, recommends three priorities for delivering A+ Customer Service.

1)    Getting an issue resolved quickly was by far the most critical factor (82%).

2)    Having the issue resolved in a single interaction is key (56%).

3)    And it seems that a smile never goes out of style, because interacting with a friendly customer service agent (45%) is the third most important requirement for great customer service.

Reporting and intelligence features can be used to analyze Big Data which includes any touch points implemented to communicate with your customers, i.e. live chat, social media, voice, etc. Communication and behavioral patterns will help you gain insight into your customer base and develop each customer profile, allowing for proper group segmentation (shoppers, buyers, brand advocates, etc.) and priority assignment. Once segmented, a response can be crafted according to the sentiment expressed, or a strategy can be executed, to engage your current fans or acquire new ones. Conversations that occur in the proper channel, and using dialogue that aligns with that of the consumer, have a better chance of resonating with their target and having an effective outcome.

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