We Obsess About Our Clients – The Importance of Customer Experience

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We Obsess About Our Clients – The Importance of Customer Experience

Our 10 Things act as the guiding principles of our organization’s belief structure and relate back to our purpose behind what we do. “We Obsess About Our Clients” is one of these principles, and is especially relevant when we’re talking about Customer Experience. We are proud to say that we not only obsess about our clients, but also the customers of our clients.

The obsession should start from the moment onboarding begins by making sure they feel welcomed into the “family”. True to most family dynamics, companies won’t always agree with their clients (and vice versa). Despite any disagreements during the relationship, maintaining an open and honest dialogue in order to find the best solutions together is key. Utilizing a Roadmap tool is also beneficial, which allows continuous critical discussions and updating of the client’s annual goals on a rolling basis. The success of your clients should be at the core of everything you do, so inturn, their goals and targets become your focus.

The obsession continues, as Customer Experience is so much more than just a function, a department or traditional account management. Adopting your client’s products into your own life, generating Voice of the Customer insights and remaining forward thinking to improve the journey of the client’s customers bring big value to the table. All of these things ensure that your clients stay relevant with their very own customer base.

The obsession shouldn’t stop there. When planning client dinners, events or visits to your facilities, intend to create the best experience possible for those attending. Whether it’s participating in charity events sponsored by your clients to show that you care about the same causes as they do, having their products on display at an event, or even using an inside joke as the WiFi login details, these client-centric activities go a long way in personalizing the experience.

Creating a culture of Customer Experience across the entire organization is important. Every department at some point should and will end up being a key player in the relationships with your clients. Obsessing about your clients needs to be a cross-functional approach and remain at the center of everything your company does.

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