What’s New in Customer Service?

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what's new in customer service?

What’s New in Customer Service?

The customer service industry is moving fast – really fast. Every time you turn your head, there’s a new way for customers to get in touch with their favorite brand. Email, live chat, Twitter and Facebook; the possibilities are endless compared to the in-person and over-the-phone customer service offered 20 years ago. But if you really think about it, what has really changed in customer service in the last 20 years? In the last 50 years?

The answer: nothing.

Nothing has really changed in customer service in the past 50 (yes 50) years! When it comes to the end result of a customer service experience, the customer’s expectations haven’t changed. They just want to feel heard and be taken care of.

But as mentioned earlier, the ways in which we satisfy customer expectations has vastly increased. With technology revolutionizing the world, we’ve learned how to help our customers better and faster. Don’t like waiting on hold? There are options to be called back when you’re next in line. Don’t like talking on the phone at all? There are options to use email and live chat for help. Don’t like to exit your favorite apps on your phone? There are options to connect with customer service support by tweeting or posting directly on social media. All of these methods give faster responses than ever before.

So, have you found a new way of letting customers interact with your brand? Before you implement it, make sure you remember to ask yourself these key questions:

Will It Help You “Win”?

In life, we all like to win. That means that we don’t just want to meet our goals, we want to exceed them. And when it comes to customer service, some of the ways we measure our goals are with metrics. When implementing a new channel, keep in mind how it’ll impact your metrics. Will it lower the average handle time and speed up the process? Or will it take resources away from your current channels, lowering customer satisfaction?

Will You Be Able To Execute It?

Having inspiration for a new customer service channel is only half the battle. The other half is execution. In order to properly launch a new channel, you’ll need the industry’s best trainers and a keen implementations team to watch over the project. Customers want to feel heard – but they want to feel heard by people who understand their problem. Stellar customer service experience comes from fully trained customer service agents who know how to talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Will It Make Your Customers Happier?

In today’s fast paced world, we need to anticipate customer needs and be proactive rather than reactive. That means choosing a channel that will make their lives easier.  Customers want to feel heard and be taken care of. They may be upset, be dealing with a problem, or have questions they want answered. When choosing a new channel to implement, ask yourself how it’ll help make your customers happy. A channel may seem new and cool, but will it increase the quality of their experience? Speed up their interaction so they can get on their way? Answer their questions more thoroughly?

Customer service is really the same as it has always been. When customers “walk” away from their customer experience, they want to feel confident that they made the right choice choosing your brand. How they got in contact with you isn’t nearly as important as how they feel when they hang up the phone, exit the live chat screen, or leave their social app. At the end of the day, when choosing a new channel to implement – choose the one that will put your customers first.

After all, nothing has really changed – even in 50 years.

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