What’s Your Why?

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What’s Your Why?

“He who has a why can endure any how” – Fredrick Nietzche

Most people can tell you what they do, but are not able to clearly explain why they do it. Your why is the driving forcebehind your business. It conveys a passion to your employees and customers, keeps you focused, and motivates you to stay on track when the going gets rough.

To discover your why, try to think beyond what you have to do. Instead think about why you are doing these things.

Once you have discovered your why, you can begin to integrate it into everything that you do. It is your responsibility to nurture your why, and allow it to be the driving force behind what you do, what you say, and the decisions you make.

Sharing your why with your employees will give your team a focus point to stand behind. Engaged employees are your brand ambassadors, carrying your message forward to your customers, and your community. Likewise, when you share your why with your customers, it will help to foster a connection to your business. If you can communicate your passion to your customers, they are more likely to remain loyal and become your community advocates.

Finally, your why is what keeps you on track when things get bumpy. When your business experiences rough patches, knowing what you do and how you do it is not enough to weather the storm. You need to be entirely committed to your vision, and make it a heartfelt part of everything you do.

Take the time to discover your why, and see how it can impact your customers, your employees, and the growth of your business.

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