Why Hiring New Grads is a Smart Idea

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Why Hiring New Grads is a Smart Idea

When looking for potential candidates, most companies focus on recruiting people with a solid combination of education, experience and culture fit. This usually means only hiring candidates who are a little older and have some career years under their belt. But guess what? It might be time to reconsider that strategy.

Here are five reasons why hiring new grads is a smart business decision.

1. Drive to Thrive

Some long tenure employees definitely have a fiery passion for what they do. But imagine someone who has just devoted all of their time and energy (and money) towards an education that will help them land a job at a company they’re interested in. Recent grads have just spent years in a classroom, eager to turn their dreams into reality. They’re ready to absorb everything and bring energy to work every single day.

New grads are also at a stage of life where they feel serious about finding a career, so they are more likely to be committed long-term.

2. So Fresh, So Smart

Because new grads are coming straight from the classroom, they’re used to doing research projects and assignments. This means they will naturally bring an analytical mindset to the workplace.

Recent grads also bring new ideas and a fresh perspective. Mixing up teams to include people from all stages of life with different backgrounds and attitudes guarantees more creative and collaborative results in the workplace.

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3. Learn, Unlearn & Fail Fast

New grads have less ingrained behaviors because they have less experience working at other companies with their own philosophies. They’re coming in as blank slates, which means an easy immersion into a company’s unique culture and less time spent unlearning bad habits.

Innovation is the backbone of any successful company. It’s important to have team members who are eager and ready to take on projects that might have uncertain outcomes. Recent graduates are often coming into the workplace wanting to impress with nothing to lose, so they’re more likely to take on big initiatives with potentially big risks.

4. The Journey is the Destination

Many new grads consider themselves “free birds”, which means being able to work irregular hours and travel often. When you’re young without a family, traveling usually feels more like a fun adventure versus an inconvenience.

They’re also more likely to relocate for a career opportunity. They see moving as a fun life experience and like the idea of living in unexpected new places. This kind of flexibility is often hard to find with long term employees.

5. Savvy & Social

Most new grads are in the age group that was raised with wifi, social media and smart devices at their fingertips. This means they are naturally more aware of technology and anything digital, which is a huge asset for any workplace.

They also have insider knowledge of the latest technologies that are being taught in universities and are much more likely to intuitively grasp how to use workplace systems and tools (and be able to recommend more efficient ones).

Don’t Miss Out!

It can be tempting to fill roles with workforce veterans instead of recent graduates, but organizations are actually shortchanging themselves when bypassing the new grad candidate pool. It’s a wise decision for companies to start getting creative on how to target new grads today.

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