Winning At Customer Service With Branding

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Winning At Customer Service With Branding

Imagine you’re in a heated game of Pictionary, when all of a sudden, you get the word “brand”. What would you draw to win the game?

When a lot of people think of branding, they think of free pens given away at career fairs and conferences, or expensive Super Bowl ads. But a strong brand is so much more than that. It’s the name, design and personality behind a product or service. It’s what sets a company apart from its competition.

Consider Virgin America, whose tagline reads “A Breath of Fresh Airline”; they’re on a mission to make flying good again, with brand new planes, attractive fares, top-notch service and a host of fun, innovative amenities that are reinventing domestic air travel. From their bright purple and red colors, to their cute images shown on their website, it’s clear that they want to stand out above the crowd. They also have a quirky sense of humor – if you haven’t watched their safety video, you’re missing out. Being different works – they’ve been able to attract new customers and keep their customers happy, winning the World’s Best Domestic Airline eight years in a row by Travel + Leisure.

Brands need to be memorable, but it doesn’t always take a six million dollar ad to do the trick. Companies need to be strategic in focusing on their social media campaigns, smart public relations, search engine optimization, but most of all – their customer service. By leveraging customer service, companies can build their brand and win. Here’s how:

Make Awesome Service Your Secret Weapon
It’s a fact that not all customers are going to walk away from your product happy. When your relationships with your customers are most fragile, customer service can help you repair and even strengthen it. Instead of viewing it as a poor interaction with your front-line staff, or unmet expectations with your product or service, think of it as an opportunity to show your customers you care about them. By listening and responding quickly, your customer service team can save the day. Not only will they make sure your customer leaves with a smile, but they’ll craft a meaningful relationship and build brand advocates.

Be Heard: Use Customer Support to Extend Your Voice
Have a unique brand personality? Within each customer service interaction, your agents can use your brand voice, making customers feel more connected with your company. When looking over how your customer service team responds, check to see if it blends standard responses together with personalized communication. The humanizing tone will translate into increased engagement and brand loyalty.

Use Service to Gain Advocates
Who doesn’t judge a product by who else is using it? If Michael Jordan was wearing Nike sneakers, you needed to as well. Companies were scrambling for celebrity endorsements. Fast forward to today, customers are more likely to be influenced by their friends and peers than to judge a brand by who is using it. That’s why it’s so important to look at every interaction as an opportunity to build your brand. With the power of social media these days, if a customer leaves with a bad brand experience, you can almost guarantee all of their friends will know. Have you heard the stat that it costs five times more to get a new customer than to keep one? As much as it’s true, it’s important to remember that any marketing your customers do on your behalf is completely free.

Customer service is the secret weapon that helps your business stand out from the crowd, so start smart and make customer service part of your DNA from day one. You may not always win at Pictionary, but with these 3 tips, you’ll be closer to winning at customer service.

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