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Content moderation is a huge part of trust and safety for your brand. It is also the area that receives the most public attention. 

We have developed content moderation, trust and safety, and social customer care programs for over 200 of the world’s largest brands by enforcing policies that define acceptable online behavior and mitigating fraud within their global communities. 

But, we don't want to just moderate your content. We want to contribute to the evolution of your platform. We bring an operational excellence discipline that will adapt your workflows to meet performance expectations.

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Moderating content can be a stressful job. We have created elevated offerings around health, wellness, and counseling to support our team members. Our Content Moderation programs include additional resources and benefits such as:

video moderation service

Access to certified psychologists, counselors, and trained coaches 24/7 for mental, physical, financial, and nutritional health support.

picture moderation service

Flexible, shorter, and split shift options with built-in mental health breaks to support moderators working with sensitive content.

ratings & reviews moderation service

Dedicated Wellness & Engagement Advocates on every content moderation program to provide additional cultural and agent engagement support.


Our proprietary employee engagement technology makes moderators more comfortable and productive, leading to better performance, higher tenure, and most importantly happier team members.


Superpunch Team Rooms helps content moderators deal with difficult work tasks that can be mentally and emotionally challenging by providing a community of peer support, encouragement, and easy connections to all departments.

Our proprietary Mood Tracking technology ensures moderators feel happy and engaged by allowing them to track their mood every time they log on. We tie mood to performance with data that acts as a real-time measurement of team well-being.

employee engagement technology
image moderation service

We ensure that your platform and environment remains a safe and positive one for your users. We take community guidelines and rules to heart, and will build leadership teams around this to drive performance and success on your program. Here’s how:

Our leaders on each program are trained in mental health awareness, and are empowered with resources and tools to support their teams.

We build unique processes around your community guidelines to uphold your users to a high standard of behavior.

We use emotional intelligence evaluations to match employee personality and emotional resilience on every program.

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