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Imagine having the ability to track every interaction with every customer across every campaign.

KnoahsARK 360 is our proprietary analytics and reporting platform that takes information from every customer interaction and collects it in a single database for analysis, evaluation, and recommendations for improvement.

With KnoahsARK 360, we deliver amazing customer experiences through multiple touch-points. We map customers’ behavior and preferences, leading to higher CSAT and increased sales at a lower cost.

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KnoahsARK 360 provides graphical views of variances in KPIs based on the
specific needs of your program. We show you the data, analytics and insights
you need to make key decisions.

  • Custom dashboards and charts to determine opportunities affecting
    customer experience.
  • Managers view trends in flexible time frames to assess performance on
    an individual and team level.
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We believe in the power of data to unlock improvements in people, performance,
and technology. KnoahsARK 360 gives visibility into performance, customer trends, and areas of opportunity with the click of a button.

  • Tabulates dynamic associate, team, and campaign scorecards tracking
    critical KPIs.
  • Interactive data display featuring multi-channel reporting and customized
    views for each team member.
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KnoahsARK 360 centralizes the contact center’s data so that information is readily available without having to rely on human intervention to provide a report.

  • Every team member has access, allowing for real time performance review, driving accountability.
  • Login and view performance data without having to request a report, ensuring complete transparency.
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 Improvement in AHT for
Voice Interactions

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Customized knoahsark 360 modules