What We Do

We transform your customers’ experience to drive brand loyalty and overall happiness.

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We’ve been providing our core solutions for years and can exceed your expectations with our eyes closed (don’t worry, we won’t... but we could).

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Our next gen solutions allow you to take care of your customers seamlessly. Anytime, anywhere.

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Behind the Scenes

They may not always be the star of the show, but our supporting solutions are just as (if not more) important in ensuring your program is running as efficiently as possible.


So, you’ve collected your facts, statistics and customer data. Now what? Actioning insights gives you a deeper understanding of your customers, what makes them tick, and lets us drive improvements to better serve them. Insights and data have been ingrained in our culture since day one. It is in our DNA, and our team makes it a part of yours.

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Laivly is a division of 24-7 Intouch that partners smart technology with friendly humans to maximize the potential of customer service interactions. This team of data scientists, developers, and researchers create customer service solutions that pair human service with artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance quality, empathy, and productivity in measurable ways for brands and consumers.

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Our Insights

Thought Paper:

Hiring for the Perfect Alignment

Successful companies hire new people aligned with their brand, messaging and culture. But how do they ensure these newbies are the right fit? Discover how some of the best in the business hire for brand alignment.

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Case Study:

Retail Live Chat Solution

We partnered with a large American retailer to launch a new live chat program that saw a significant increase to First Contact Resolution results and reduction in duplication of contacts across multiple channels. Discover how we did it.

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Case Study:

High Retention During Program Launch

In our partnership with a large music streaming service, we have achieved more than 99% retention during our program launch. Here’s how we did it.

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Case Study:

Recruiting & Training for Large-scale Launch

We partnered with one the world’s largest sportswear brands to build a team that exemplifies the qualities and skills needed to support their customers within a tight timeline. We recruited and hire a brand new team of 350 members within 9 weeks.

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