Technology that Cares

Laivly is a division of 24-7 Intouch that partners smart technology with friendly humans to maximize the potential of customer service interactions.

This team of data scientists, developers, and researchers create unique customer service solutions that pair human customer service with artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance quality, empathy, and productivity in measurable ways for brands and consumers.

Products Transforming the customer experience

Artificial Intelligence Customer Service
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  • SIDD is Laivly’s artificial intelligence assistant that lives on team members’ desktop.
  • Works with any CRM to provide additional automation and machine learning features that the CRM might not have available.
  • Empowers team members to focus on the live customer interaction quickly and with more empathy.
  • Gets smarter with every interaction and can make recommendations while performing real-time quality checks.
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Employee Communication App
  • Superpunch is a powerful communications tool that is changing the way people work.
  • Available on iOS and Android, it provides visibility and empowerment to our teams by streamlining scheduling, payroll, and employee communications.
  • Has built-in mood tracking for increased team member engagement and satisfaction.
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